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Do you suffer from emotional eating, or find yourself unhappily going through the motions of your life?

Have you ever punished yourself with food but don’t know how to stop?

If so, Shakti might be the program for you.

Shakti is designed to help participants reveal their food issues and work through them together, empowering participants to feel confident with who they are and how they eat.

Shakti Overview

Shakti is sixteen week online nutrition program that challenges participants to discover themselves on a deeper level. With an emphasis on emotional health and intuitive eating, Shakti will help participants find the inner strength to feel empowered and more aware of their eating habits.


  • To teach nutrition and emotional eating tools to helps participants better understand their eating habits
  • To provide a safe environment that allows everyone to learn and adapt a healthy outlook on their life, physically and emotionally
  • To see all participants leaving the program satisfied and with an better idea of who they are


Hour-long video conference calls every other week, with challenges during alternate weeks.

Additional Obligations

  1. An hour long initial nutrition assessment with goal planning
  2. Weekly check-ins & challenges
  3. Journal prompts
  4. Lifework
  5. A final nutrition session and evaluation

Classes Topics

  1. Orientation / goal setting
  2. Finding Your Roots
  3. Pleasing Yourself
  4. Knight in Shining Armor
  5. The ART in Heart
  6. Owning Your Voice
  7. Do It Yourself
  8. Radiating Beauty

Click here to learn more about Shakti and see if it is the program you’ve been needing to overcome your food and emotional health troubles!