About Amanda

About Me

I was born and raised in Ohio, living here until I moved to Boston to complete a dietetic internship. I have my degree in Nutrition from The Ohio State University and am a Registered Dietitian Nutrition thanks to Simmons College’s Dietetic Internship Program.

My life has been transformed by stories I’ve heard over the years; accounts of hope, insecurity, fear, and everything in between. I’m very fortunate to be a “professional listener” for a living, because the stories I’ve heard encourages me to continue to fight for nutrition and emotional health.

Through the past three years specifically, I’ve come to terms with the value of self-care. I used to treat self-care as a reward to a never ending goal, only to learn the hard way that my body and life is not superhuman. When I put my own health as a priority I am able to help serve myself and others better, which is ultimately why I’m here  – to teach, encourage, and bring out the best in others, including myself.

Just for fun…

I LOVE: bullet journals // making puns // rainy days // dancing // cacao parties // eating food that requires a happy food dance // writing! // DOGS // traveling with a purpose // coffee shop // learning new things // meeting new people and hearing their stories // reading work that speaks to my heart and soul

I feel joy when: with good company // creatively expressing myself // in workout pants // my friends pursue what they love // living in the present // having deep conversations about life // exploring nature // seeing my clients have a breakthrough //